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No heavy textbooks or dictionaries. You’ll be able to find vocabulary, grammar and practical exercises all in one place on your computer, tablet or phone. Your online course of Czech language is just a few clicks away.

Computer, tablet or phone

Study wherever you find convenient. Start on a computer at home and then continue on your phone at work.

Methodical approach to courses

We’ll guide you through your course. The system evaluates what you should study or revise, on its own according to your results. You will progress gradually and you never have too much studying to do thanks to a unique combination of our methods:

20 minutes a day

We recommend studying often, in small doses. This way, you develop a positive relationship with the language and you’ll gladly keep coming back.


At all times, only 30% of what you study is new, 70% is revision. You won’t feel overwhelmed, but motivated. You will see how well you’re doing as you progress and keep your desire to learn the language.

Controlled revision method

The EasyLingo system can tell on its own what and when you need to revise. You don’t need to keep track of anything, the system puts together a tailor-made course just for you.


You learn vocabulary and phrases along with their correct pronunciation. You listen to a word, repeat it out loud and record yourself. The system then replays your pronunciation along with the original one so that you can evaluate how well you did.

Fun with every click

You check your knowledge on 16 types of exercises and you have fun watching evaluation videos. You get points and wild cards for every day you study. The whole course is a game that is sure to keep you interested in your studies.

16 types of exercises

You’ll fill words in, drag them into empty slots, put together sentences, write, solve crosswords, practice pronunciation…

Points and wild cards

For every day you study, you will get points. You can also have a look at the overview, to find out which of your classmates is the most diligent. For every 14 days of studying in a row, you get a wild card that you can use whenever you want to skip your studies. That way you won’t lose the study line you’ve already acquired.

You’re not alone in this

If you ever feel lost, our lecturers will always be on hand to help you. If you don’t understand something grammatical or are not sure when using some vocabulary, even if you are having some technical issues? Simply send a message to our lecturer through chat and he will help you immediately.

You will find instructive videos recorded by our lecturers directly in the online courses. The videos play one by one as you go through the course. You will always know what you should be doing or what to click on.

What do your future classmates say about us?

„It seems I’ve found a course that saves me the time it would take me to get from my house to a language school and back. Also, I can study in the summer when the majority of language schools are closed.“

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Miroslava Chalupová

„I’ve finally found a course that’s fun for me. The motivational videos are great, they commend you for doing well and I’m not used to somebody doing that. I also find the fact that I am in control of my studies very convenient.“

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Veronika Ležáková

„I’ve never trusted online courses. I gave it a chance though and studying became fun for me. In the evening, I open another lecture instead of watching Netflix, or I just revise vocabulary.“

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Jiří Brožek